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  • Global Partner for Elspec

    Partner for Elspec’s range of real-time Power Quality Enhancement Systems, Power Quality Analysers & Digital Fault Recorders

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  • Power Quality Solutions

    Scalable Solutions, Interpretive reports & Documentation, Comprehensive set of services & Diagnosis of faults

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  • Global Partner for Elspec

    Partner for Elspec’s range of real-time Power Quality Enhancement Systems, Power Quality Analysers & Digital Fault Recorders

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  • Power Quality Solutions

    Scalable Solutions, Interpretive reports & Documentation, Comprehensive set of services & Diagnosis of faults

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Global Partner of Elspec

Supreme Technology & Energy Solutions is a global partner with Elspec, one of the leading power quality solutions and services providers. We take immense pride in having associated with a major technology provider of electrical power quality analyzers, energy saving solutions and real time power factor correction systems.

About Elspec

Elspec is a leading power quality solutions and services provider to the global marketplace. Since 1988, Elspec has developed , manufactured and marketed proven power quality solutions along with sophisticated electrical network analysis technologies. In May 2004, the company became a publicly traded company on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TAS: Elspec). Our extensive infrastructure of partners and authorized representatives extend over 75 countries, throughout the world. Elspec’s international team of professionals with in-depth experience in electrical engineering is ready to provide a tailor-made strategy that will enable a sustainable and efficient use of your electrical energy.

Elspec’s technology simplifies the understanding of the quality of power itself, is highly compatible and helps our customers enhance electrical power network quality. Our innovations can be found in almost any sector, from the industrial and commercial to utility industries, Some of the more substantial spans from the Railways in Turkey and Eskisehir City Trains, Mt Buller Ski Resort Australia, LG Internet Data Center & DongHee Auto South Korea, Caso de Estudio shopping mall Chile & many wind farms such as Emu Downs and Calcium Hills – Australia ( in cooperation with Vestas), Baltic Sea Denmark and WA State USA (in cooperation with Siemens Wind Power)

Through many years of direct engineering involvement with clients, our personnel have developed a wide range of application expertise. The vast experience of Elspec’s R & D department personnel reaches to in-depth fields of power quality, software and hardware development. Elspec invests over a 1M$ per year in MSD.

The company headquarters, Research and Development Center are located in Caesarea Israel, with offices in the US, Portugal, China and India, Elspec Ltd is ISO 9001:2000 certified and all products comply with international safety, environmental and electromagnetic standards such as EMC (Environmental Measurements & Safety), CE, UL & FCC. Equipment & Systems are shipped and commissioned on-site only after undergoing stringent in-house testing and approval.

For further information about Elspec Ltd, please visit the company’s website at

Products of Elspec

Elspec has developed and designed a wide range of real-time power quality enhancement systems. Our innovations optimize electrical power consumption for electrical energy savings and offer comprehensive solutions for power quality such as power factor correction, energy support, voltage support, flicker reduction, current spike reduction, harmonic filtration, reduction of reactive power during large motor start-ups and many other applications for a variety of dynamic loads.


A world leading optimal solution for electrical energy savings and power quality solutions. The Equalizer is the world's fastest real-time power quality enhancement system optimizes power factor correction, energy savings, voltage support, harmonic filtration, and more, for a variety of dynamic loads. The Equalizer features electronic switching of 5-20 Milliseconds @ 50 Hz, transient free-switching, voltage support, harmonic filtration, flicker and current spike reduction.

Equalizer ST

The Equalizer-ST has been designed to provide a lucrative solution for the challenges faced during large motor start-ups. Typically demands during these start up activities, create currents that are 3 – 8 times of the motor’s nominal current during a very short time period. Consequently, this leads to a voltage drop in the local network that is not designed to withstand these temporary high currents. The Equalizer-ST compensates for the demand in high energy dynamically, only for the required time period.

Equalizer Turbo

The Equalizer Turbo provides a ride-through three phases 0.2 pu, volatage dip ΔU 70% with a typical duration set for 2 seconds. Clients may also specify an even longer duration to meet their individual requirements for production. This ride-through capability easily resolves almost all the voltage disruptions in developed countries. In addition, the device restores the voltage to 1.0 pu of its nominal value (+ - 15%). Due to independent phase compensation, the Equalizer Turbo can correct each phase correctly and independently. Equalizer Turbo comes with integrated software monitoring system with event notification and remote access facility.


This System is a cost effective alternative to electro-mechanical power factor correction banks. Capable of delivering compensation at a rate of 1 second or typically 3-4 seconds maximum, the Activar can deliver an unlimited number of transient free operations, is a low cost replacement for electro-mechanical power factor solutions and is equipped with a comprehensive reporting system.

Equalizer RT

The Equalizer RT is a transient free static compensation system that has been modified in order to boost supplied kVAR Capacity for short time voltage dips applications. The Equalizer RT is designed to deliver substantial reactive power even during very deep voltage sags.

The innovative design of the BLACKBOX device series is a technological breakthrough that provides the perfect Power Quality Analysis Solution. The built in capabilities of the series are uniquely adaptable to address the individual needs and requirements for almost any business or application.

G4K Fixed Power Quality Analyzer

Providing the perfect permanent solution, the G4K provides accurate deflection and isolation of power quality monitoring for effective preventative maintenance. With all the built-in attributes of the BLACKBOX device series, it is able to control all electrical waveforms continuously for more than a year with no gaps in the data. Its superior accuracy yields a 2 x 16 Bit to yield, far surpassing IEC61000-4-30 Class A requirements. The G4K features a threshold-free set up, is equipped with standard industrial protocols for seamless integration into any SCADA System , and provides PQ parameters according to EN50160 & IEC 61000-4-30 & other national standards and data may be analysed over any network at any remote locations.

G4500 & G3500 Portable Power Quality Analyzer

Tailored for PQ Analysis at any location, the G4500 & G3500 Portable Power Quality Analyzer features a quick & simple set up, remote connectivity with no missed events. Equipped with a plug and play probe interface, the portable BLACKBOX allows you to automatically detect probes & clamps during set up. For surpassing the highest standards set by the industry it complies with the standards for aggregations, time clock uncertainty, flagging and transient influence quantities. It comes with 4 automatically detected AC current clamps and 4 ( G3500) / 5 (G4500) Voltage leads, rechargeable power supply, wireless network, a durable carrying case and a mobile analysis lab.


Elspec’s innovative PQSCADA Power Quality Management Suite software simplifies troubleshooting. With this user friendly system, you can configure, control, monitor, compare and analyse time synchronised data from any number of BLACKBOX devices, within a particular site or across many sites. End –users may choose how to utilize PQSCADA& Investigator Software Applications according to their requirements and Elspec offers 3 operational scenarios: conventional network profile, Elspec’s hosting profile & a stand-alone profile. The program features export compatibility, automated report generator, automatic notifications with multiple device synchronization. The PQSCADA offer a wide range of adaptation and options for configuration making it extremely versatile to meets the needs and requirement of individual users.


The BLACKBOXDFR has been designed the meet the needs of Generation, Transmission and Distribution Power System Monitoring. It is a fully-featured Digital Fault Recorder equipped with continuous Recording enabling it to analyse short transients, longer term disturbances and trend input quantities such as Voltage & Current R.M.S Values, Frequency, Real & Reactive Power, Power Factor, Current &Voltage Harmonics, Voltage Sages & Swells, Voltage Flicker,etc. The BLACKBOXDFR can be uniquely configured as either a centralized OR a decentralized architecture, to fit almost any application making it highly cost effective. The BLACKBOXDFR automatically retrieves any event, including any power parameter as the highest sampling resolution and accuracy.

Elspec’s BLACKBOX PQ Analyzers empowered by the patented PQZIP compression technology allows it to store up to a 1000 times more than typical file formats. In order to provide high quality electric power service, it is essential to monitor the quality of all the electric signals at different locations and along an electrical power network. The PQZIP technology realizes this capability by facilitating the BLACKBOX with unique capacities to completely and accurately store this vast quantity of data, over extended periods of time.

Foremost in the monitoring of PQ is the identification of power anomalies .The concept itself is very difficult to understand or identify as power anomalies encompasses all the power problems including any condition which may be irregular. In many instances, estimates based purely on guess work or experience will make corrective action unjustifiable or these actions may be limited as the root cause of the problems may be unknown. Correct and precise analysis can only be achieved by 4 continuous recordings, all parameter recordings, high sampling and recording rate and lastly synchronized recordings at multi points.

PQZIP takes the guesswork out of power anomalies. It allows the BLACKBOXtoo continuously to store the waveform of one or power signals, regardless whether or not an event of interest was identified. Set-up occurs at UTC –Time and measurements are collected over 8 input channels at sampling rate of 1024 samples per cycle on all 3 phases simultaneously. Applied at different points and locations, the unique time synchronization algorithm enables two or more BLACKBOX devices to be synchronized with another and provide a complete and comprehensive picture of the entire grid.

Synchronized data sampled from the multiple points, includes continuous recording. The parameter calculation occurs only after the data has been processed. This ensures the continuous logging of all the parameters all the time. Although set-up is not limited restrictions, any compliance standards or alarms may be configured into the device at any time. With the PQZIP, the storage space is unaffected by the sampling rate, thereby storing all the data at a maximum sampling rate. Furthermore , the user has the option to either view or recall the data time either by time or in time at a very high resolution. Data analysis in time opposed to the event itself will allow for a more comprehensive analysis of power anomalies in general. To date, Elspec has 33 G4K units installed at each of their production lines. The G4K provides us with power consumption data, which is broken down periodically daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and per load. We can directly compare the consumption data with the car output and accurately estimate the power usage per number of cars produced. With the G4K, Elspec is able to estimate the facility’s electrical capacity.

Elspec G5DFR BLACKBOX Digital Fault Recorder

The Elspec G5DFR BLACKBOX Digital Fault Recorder is a completely featured digital fault recorder for transmission & distribution substations. It is a multi-functional system comprising PMU, Single or Double Ended Impedance-Based Fault Location, Class A PQ Monitoring and Energy Metering. It offers an output of 24 bit continuous acquisition at 1024 Samples per Cycle, besides it is built with a capability of 1 μsecond Time Synchronization. It comes with a built-in web server, web enabled device and real-time monitoring system. Some of the key advantages of the Elspec G5DFR include Multi Channel set up with up to 16 Analog & 96 Digital Channels per Module, besides extremely accurate measurements, ultra-fast sampling rate, integrated DB for SW free investigation and PQZIP II for real time communication.

ELSPEC PURE BLACKBOX Handheld Single Phase Power Quality Analyzer

The ELSPEC PURE BLACKBOX Handheld Single Phase Power Quality Analyser is a Class ‘A’ Power Quality Analyzer. It is built with the capability to display half-cycle & waveform and capture fast RMS data to characterize electrical system dynamics (UPS switching, generator start-up,etc) with16 bit Continuous Acquisition @ 256 samples per cycle. It can measure all three phases and neutral, besides viewing graphs and generating reports. It is built with an integrated high precision Energy Meter, handheld portable class A meter, 600V CAT IV set up and easy to use free software facilitating report generation and long term monitoring.

ELSPEC PURE BLACKBOX Handheld Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer

The ELSPEC PURE BLACKBOX Handheld Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer is a Class ‘A’ Power Quality Analyzer. It is designed with the ability to show half-cycle & waveform and capture fast RMS data to display electrical system dynamics (UPS switching, generator start-up,etc) with16 bit Continuous Acquisition @ 256 samples/cycle. It can record and measure more than 10,000 parameters at Half-cycle resolution continuously. It features an in-built High Precision Energy Meter for measurement & recording. It is designed with an in-built high precision Energy Meter, handheld portable class A meter, easy-to-use free software and 600V CAT IV set up. The ELSPEC PURE BLACKBOX Handheld Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer facilitates report generation and long term monitoring.

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